Group: Alpinid, Armenoid, Dinarid


Regional type of the Caucasus Mountains. Probably an Alpinised Dinaro-Armenid adapted to life in mountainous regions. Mtebids are typical of the Georgian population and common among Chechens, Ingushes, and Ossetians.

Physical Traits:

Light brown skin, straight or wavy, usually brown hair. Medium height, mesoskelic- brachyskelic, endomorph to mesomorph. Brachycephalic, hypsicranic. Face broad, nose straight to convex and hyperleptorrhine. In fact, Mtebids have the lowest nasal index of the whole region. Body hair medium to strong, lips not very full. Often similar to Alpinid, but facial features are usually more refined and the skull is longer and lower.


Named after the Georgian word for mountain (mtebi) by Lundman (1967), who regarded it a Taurid with less marked features. Biasutti (1967) used the name "Georgiana" grouped it together with Alpinoids of Europe, Giuffrida-Ruggeri (1921) as Georgianus with Pamirids. Drexel's (1955) and Bunak's (1960) Caucasid are similar.

Similar types:

Carpathid Dinarid
Anatolid East Alpinid
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