Tall, short-headed type with bony features, a flat occiput and long nose, often brown-haired with fair to light-brown skin. Chin strong, but round, lips rather thin, hair abundant. Forehead broad, sloping and high. Common in mountain regions of Central and Eastern Europe, especially the Balkans. Developed during the Upper Paleolithic, probably in the Middle East, and may be linked to European Bell Beaker types of the Bronze Age. Often a cohabitant of Alpinid. Besides the standard Dinarid proper, there exists a depigmented, anthropometrically similar Norid variety. Some unite Dinarids with Armenoids and similar types in a Taurid group. European colonists spread Dinarid over many places of the world, especially North America.


Dinarid (Eickstedt, 1952; Lundman, 1967; Vogel, 1974; Knussmann, 1996), Dinarisk (Lundman, 1988), Dinaric (Hooton, 1946; Cole, 1965; Debets, 1974), Dinaric (Debets, 1974), Dinarique (Vallois, 1968), Adriatica (Biasutti, 1967), Adriatique (Deniker, 1900, Montandon, 1933), Homo Dinaricus (Lapouge, 1899).

Similar types:

Nordid East Europid
Alpinid Armenoid
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