Group: Dinarid


Central European type that closely resembles Dinarids except for lighter pigmentation. Authors interpret this to be the result of Nordid and other (e.g. East Europid) admixture. The name derives from the Roman province of "Noricum" in today's Austria. Common in Austria, Slovakia, Southern and Eastern Germany, Northern France, Northern Albania, also Northern Italy, Bosna, Serbia, Western Ukraine, and the Carpathian Mountains, sometimes Greece, Russia, and other regions.

Physical Traits:

Pale to fair skin. Straight or wavy, (ash) blonde, occasionally red hair, light mixed, often blue or grey eyes. (Rather) tall, mesoskelic, often mesomorph. Brachycephalic, mildly hypsicranic with a flattened occiput. Nose long, hyperleptorrhine, often convex. Facial features bony. Chin sturdy, but round. Forehead broad and high.


Used by Deniker (1900) and Montandon (1933) as Sub Adriatic. The term Norid was coined by Lebzelter (1929) and adopted by Škerlj (1936), Coon (1939), Vallois (1943), Drexel (1955), Schwidetzky (1974), Biasutti (1967) and mentioned by Vondernach (2008). Stolhyhwo (1924) found similar types in Poland.

Similar types:

Hallstatt Proto Nordid
Borreby Carpathid
Baskid Dinarid
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