Group: Nordid


Nordid proper, resembles the Iron Age remains of the Austrian village of Hallstatt. Most common among Swedes and South Norwegians. Frequent in England, Northern Germany, Netherlands, Northern France, Iceland, Northern Poland, along Daugava, Vistula, and Po rivers, sometimes Austria, Switzerland, Northern Italy. Germanic tribes (Goths, Vandals) brought traces to Spain, Greece, North Africa, and Russia.

Physical Traits:

Pinkish pale skin. Straight to wavy, golden blonde, sometimes red or light brown hair. (Grey-)blue eyes. Tall, ectomorph or mildly mesomorph with wide shoulders and narrow hips (even in women), meso- sometimes brachyskelic. Mesocephalic, dolichocephalic at times, mildly chamaecranic with a curved occiput. Hyperleptorrhine, straight or mildly convex, high-bridged nose. Face high and narrow with marked features, mildly sloping forehead, thin lips, sturdy chin.


Coon (1939) separated it from other Nordid varieties as Hallstatt or ěsterdal. Kunssmann (1996), Vondernach (2008), Eickstedt (1952) named it Teuto Nordid, Lundman (1988) G÷ta or Skando Nordid, Deniker (1900) and Biasutti (1967) as the Nordic proper type.

Similar types:

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