Group: Nordid


North-West European type, similar to Trønder, but with a stronger Hallstatt component. Was typified by the ancient Germanic tribes of Angles, Saxons, and Jutes who conquered Britain from the 5th century on. Most common today in East England, but also Frisia (Netherlands), North-West Germany, West Denmark, and parts of Northern France and Ireland.

Physical Traits:

Pale skin, straight to curly, often blonde, sometimes red or brown hair with light(-mixed) eyes. Rather tall, mesoskelic, ectomorph to mesomorph. Mesocephalic, chamae- orthocranic with narrower faces and more roundish features than Trønder, and more robust features than Hallstatt as well as more prominent cheek-bones. Nose is hyperleptorrhine, the forehead high.


Coon (1939) defined the type as a Nordic subtype after earlier works had pointed out its distinctiveness (Shore, 1906). Also used by some later authors like Cole (1965). Biasutti (1967) describes it as a special Nordic subtype he called "britannico".

Similar types:

Hallstatt Trønder
North Atlantid Dalofaelid
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