Group: Nordid


Coarse, Cromagniform Nordid variety of Central and Northern Europe. Named after the Swedish province of Dalarna and the German region of Westphalia. Typical areas include Central Germany, Netherlands, and Southern Sweden / Norway, partially even Southern Finland. Germanic migrations in Antiquity dispersed it across Europe. A Dalic, Faelid, and Västmanland subvariety can be distinguished.

Physical Traits:

Pale to fair skin. Straight to curly, blonde, sometimes red or brown hair. Grey-blue or mixed eyes. Tall, mesoskelic, mesomorph with robust bones, in old age sometimes endomorph. Mesocephalic, chamae- orthocranic with a curved occiput, very large-headed. Leptorrhine, straight or mildly convex nose. Wide face, broad angular jaw and zygomatic arches. Brow ridges strong, deep-set, small eyes. Forehead broad, mildly sloping. Broad mouth with thin lips.


Paudler (1917), Kern (1927), Biasutti (1967) and Vallois (1943, 1971) called it Dalic, Günther (1942) Faelid. Vondernach (2008) addressed a Dalic and Faelic variety. Eickstedt (1934) / Baker (1981) use Dalofa(e)lid, Eickstedt (1937, 1952) / Knussmann (1996) Dalo Nordid and Lundmann (1967) Fälo Nordid. An eastern branch of Coon's (1939) Brünn. Confirmed by Schwidetzky and Walter (1967).

Similar types:

Paleo Atlantid Trønder
Borreby Tavastid
Anglo-Saxon Canarid
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