Paleo Atlantid

Group: Mediterranid , Nordid


Ancient type that is sporadically found in Northern and Western Europe, usually only in relict populations. A resemblance with Cro-Magnons has been stressed by some authors. Strongest concentrations in Southern Norwegian mountain valleys (e.g. Tydal), Dalarna (Sweden), Western Scotland, and Ireland. Has a Tydal subvariety in Scandinavia.

Physical Traits:

Fair skin, curly or wavy, sometimes straight, usually brown-black, occasionally red or blonde hair, eyes mixed. Tall, meso- sometimes macroskelic, meso- to endomorph, long arms. Very large-headed, dolicho- sometimes mesocephalic, chamae- orthocranic. Mildly leptorrhine, often concave nose. More robust than Dalofaelids with heavy brow ridges, wider and lower noses and faces, darker pigmentation, and strong pilous growth.


Bryn and Schreiner (1929) identified it in the Tydal valley of Norway. Subsequently called Tydal type, e.g. by Vondernach (2008) and Lundman (1940), who later united it with Irish types and Canarid in Paleo Atlantid (Lundman, 1951, 1988). Includes Ripley's (1900) Black Breed type of Britain. Very similar to Coon's (1939) Brünn.

Similar types:

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