Group: Mediterranid , Nordid


Maghrebi type with similarities to Cromagnids and North Europeans - probably in part a result of convergent evolution of pre-Neolithic North Africans adapting to cloudy mountain regions, and partially of prehistoric migrations from Europe. Historically in some areas of the Canary Islands, especially in Gomera, Tenerife (Guanches), and Gran Canaria, heavily mixed on the islands today. Also in Berbers (Riffians, Kabyles), Tunisians, and Western Libya (Giado, Nalut).

Physical Traits:

Fair skin, wavy reddish, brown or blonde hair. Mixed eyes. Tall, mesoskelic, ectomorph to mesomorph. Mesocephalic, chamae- orthocranic, relatively large-headed. Mildly leptorrhine. Face broad, sometimes a bit low, large jaw, significant supraorbital arches, occasional mild prognathy, occiput round. Body hair modest.


Named Canarid by Lundman (1943), a Paleo Atlantid subvariety (c.p. Lundman, 1951). Hooton (1925) defined it as the Guanche type, Coon (1939) as part of Brünn, Eickstedt (1934) part of Dalic. Peters (1940), Fischer (1943) and Schwidetzky (1963) as Cromagnid, Briggs (1955) as Type D. Heberer et al. (1969) and Knussmann (1996) later united it with Berberid. Michalski's (1964) Riffian is similar. Genetically, Guanches and Berbers are linked (Pino-Yanes et al. 2011).

Similar types:

Paleo Atlantid Dalo Faelid
Berberid Paleo Sardinian
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