Group: Mediterranid


A Proto Atlanto Mediterranean type, originally named after Berbers and the North African Barbary. Associated with Paleolithic types that once migrated from West Asia. Present in modern Berbers like Riffians, Kabyles, Shilha, Chaoui, also other North Africans, e.g. Tuareg (Imrads) and Natives of the Canary Islands. A minority type in other parts of Europe (esp. South Iberia, Perigord) and Turkey.

Physical Traits:

Light to medium brown skin, curly-wavy, brown to black hair. Rather short, mesoskelic, meso- to endomorph. Dolichocephalic, chamae- orthocranic. Mildly leptorrhine, sometimes mesorrhine nose, often with a depressed bridge. Face coarse and wide, significant zygomatic arches, interorbital distance great. Sometimes slanting / pseudo-Mongoloid eyes. Jaw heavy and angular, arches marked.


Lundman (1942 , 1967, 1988) named it Berid following Paudler (1917). Eickstedt (1943, 1951, 1952b) called it Berberid / Saharid. Peters (1940) Berber type. Some united it with Canarid to a taller, fairer Berberid (Heberer et al. 1969; Knussmann, 1996). A Proto Eurafricanid (Pace et al. 1951), Paleo Mediterrean (Briggs, 1955) or simply Atlanto Mediterranean (Coon, 1939; Cole, 1965).

Similar types:

Canarid Eurafricanid
Paleo Sardinian African Alpinoid
Moorish Siwa
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