Group: Mediterranid


Atlanto Mediterranid proper type. Relatively old, present in early Natufians and European as well as North African megalith builders. Spread across the Mediterranean since the Mesolithic until Antiquity. Today common in Portugal, Eastern Spain (e.g. Valencia), Liguria, Western Switzerland, Wales, Croatia, North Algeria, Morocco, and Canary Islands. In Mesopotamia more diluted and transitional to Proto Iranid.

Physical Traits:

Light brown skin, straight to curly, usually dark brown hair. (Rather) tall, ecto- to mesomorph, brachy- mesoskelic. Dolichocephalic, mildly hypsicranic with a straight, sometimes depressed and leptorrhine nose. Face coarse and long, deep set eyes, cheekbones often wide. Significant brow ridges, mild prognathy common.


A similar type was originally described by Deniker (1900) (see Litorid). It was later regarded admixed and replaced by Eurafricanid (Haddon, 1925), using the term of Sergi (1901), who had applied it in a more generalistic way. Other names are Littoral (Biasutti, 1967), Atlantid (Škerlj, 1936) or Atlanto Mediterranid (Coon, 1939; Hooton, 1946; Cole, 1965), who included the wider-faced types like Berberid. Definition here corresponds to long-faced Eurafricanid of Eickstedt (1934, 1951), Alcobé (1936), Ara (1957) and Knussmann (1996).

Similar types:

Litorid Pontid
Gracile Mediterranid Proto Iranid
Berberid Trans Mediterranid
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