Gracile Mediterranid

Group: Mediterranid


Mediterranid proper, smaller than other Mediterranids: the most gracile type of Europe. Appears first in Mesolithic groups of Palestine (Natufians). Common in Iberia, Southern Italy, Mediterranean islands, Western France, Southern Greece, Northern Tunisia. In low frequencies across Europe, e.g. Western Germany (esp. Rhineland-Palatinate), Ireland, Wales, Southern Bulgaria to the Black Sea and the Levant.

Physical Traits:

Light brown skin, straight to wavy, rarely curly, usually abundant brown to brown-black hair. Rather short, meso- sometimes macroskelic, ectomorph with gracile bodily proportions, rather wide hips in women. Mesocephalic, chamaecranic with a protruding occiput. Oval, narrow face with refined and gracile features. Straight, hyperleptorrhine, not very long nose. Mildly rounded forehead.


The type was described early by Deniker (1900) as Ibero Insular. Eickstedt (1934, 1951, 1952) named it Grazilmediterranid, so did later authors (Knussmann, 1996; Vonderach, 2008). Coon (1939) called it Small Mediterranean, Biasutti (1967) Mediterranean proper, with an Italian "Pugliese" subvariety. In other systems it appears as Western (GŁnther, 1942) or West Mediterranid (Lundman, 1977).

Similar types:

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