West Alpinid

Group: Alpinid


Alpinid proper, historically found in the mountain regions of Western Europe. Often a cohabitant of a second mountain type, the Dinarid. The nucleus of Alpinids lies in the Western Alps and Central France (e.g. the Swiss Disentis, the French Savoy, Auvergne and Massif Central regions). Common in Southern Germany as well (e.g. Franconia, Black Forest), the Apennines of Italy, Northern Spain, and Belgium.

Physical Traits:

Fair to light brown skin, straight or wavy, usually (light) brown hair with a blonde minority. Rather short to medium height, mesoskelic, endomorph. (Hyper-)brachycephalic, chamae- orthocranic. Face wide and round with a great interorbital distance and soft features. Leptorrhine, short, small, sometimes concave nose. Female snub noses common. Forehead steep and round. Body hair not very strong.


Originally called Keltoid (c.p. Broca, 1868). Renamed to Alpinid by Gros and Lapouge (1897) and Ripley (1900).This was adopted by Deniker (1900), Coon (1939), Eickstedt (1952), Biasutti (1967), Knussmann (1996). Some included Gorid/Strandid. Lundman (1943, 1988) separated the western low-skulls as Cevennid / (West) Alpinid.

Similar types:

Strandid Borreby
African Alpinoid Gorid
Gracile Mediterranid East Alpinid
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