East Alpinid

Group: Alpinid


West Asian type that is anthropometrically and morphologically very similar to European Alpinids. Most common in the mountain zones of Anatolia, to Northern Syria and Iraq. Also found in West Iran, Caucasus, Palestine, and Lebanon. Extends in lower frequencies up to Tajikistan, across Arabia and to Southwestern Europe. The type can easily be confused with similar looking Turanid-admixed individuals.

Physical Traits:

Light brown skin, straight or wavy, light brown to black hair. Medium height to rather tall, mesoskelic, endomorph. Brachycephalic, ortho- hypsicranic. Face is round, nose leptorrhine with a roundish tip, Mouth rather thin. The skin is slightly darker than in their European counterparts, the height slightly taller.


The term East Alpinid was originally used by Senyürek (1950) to describe Anatolian Alpinids. It was later adopted by Eickstedt (1961). Coon (1939) called them Asiatic Alpines. Field (1939, 1946) describes the type from Iran and Iraq and calls it Proto Alpine, Gloor (1951) finds it in Palestine. Lundman (1967) uses East Alpinid synonymous with Gorid, a different variety.

Similar types:

Gorid Mtebid
West Alpinid Central Brachid
African Alpinoid
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