Central Brachid

Group: Alpinid, Indid, Turanid


Indo Brachid variety, with a morphological and geographical position between West and East (Indo) Brachids, but possibly resulting from different, more Alpinoid migrations. Overall taller. Most common in Uttar Pradesh, South Nepal, the Gangetic Plain, the Deccan Plateau, and other parts of Central India as far as Orissa.

Physical Traits:

Medium brown skin, straight or wavy hair, rather tall, mesoskelic, endomorph to ectomorph. Rather brachycephalic, hypsicranic. Often mesorrhine nose, slightly wider and more frequently concave than in West Brachids. In addition, the vault is higher and the stature taller.


First named Homo indicus brachimorphus by Giuffrida-Ruggeri (1912) . Eickstedt (1937) named the type Central Brachid and described it as most common in the Doab. Generally placed in Indobrachid (Eickstedt, 1944) .Giuffrida-Ruggeri (1921) and Haddon (1925) linked the type to early migrations of Alpinoids.

Similar types:

East Alpinid Indo Iranid
Indo Brachid East Brachid
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