East Brachid

Group: Indid, South Mongolid


Relatively recent contact type intermediate between Indids and South Mongolids. Widespread, reaching from Western Himalaya / Nepal to Bhutan to the Bengals and Burma. Not stabilised yet: individuals of East Brachid families may tend towards Indid as well as South Mongolid. Typical in Kirati, Limbu, Rakhine, Chin, Chinbok, Bengal, Ahom, Khamti, Naga and many other populations.

Physical Traits:

Light brown skin, usually straight hair. Rather short, mesoskelic, endomorph to ectomorph. Mildly brachycephalic, mildly hypsicranic. Mesorrhine, often straight nose. Faces are round and relatively broad. The Mongolian fold is found in a few cases.


Eickstedt (1934, 1937) named the type East Brachid to describe the Indobrachids of East India as opposed to the West and Central Indian brachycephals. Often included in Indobrachid (Knussmann,1996). Risley (1915) called it Mongolo-Dravidian like others who considered it Mongoloid-admixed (Sarkar, 1961).

Similar types:

Central Brachid Shanid
Indo Brachid Palaungid
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