Indo Iranid

Group: Indid, Orientalid, Turanid


Relatively recent contact type with a position intermediate between Indo Brachid and Iranid. Widespread in Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan, reaching to Northern India in the East and Turkey in the West. Highest concentrations are found among the Baluchis, Brahuis, Pathans, Tarin, Dehwar, Pashto, and Yaghnobi, occasionally in Persians and Kurds, Bedouins and Samaritans. Not stabilised yet.

Physical Traits:

Light to medium brown skin, straight or wavy, brown-black, plentiful hair. Rather tall, mesoskelic, endomorph to ectomorph. Meso- brachycephalic, mildly orthocranic, rather small-headed. Leptorrhine, prominent and long nose. Faces relatively wide and high. Not as high-skulled as Indids and Iranids proper.


Named as defined Indo Iranus by Giuffrida-Ruggeri (1921) as well as Haddon (1925) and regarded as the major brachycephalic element of the Iranian population by Field (1939). Risley (1915) named it Turko Iranian. In a statistical analysis Bernhard (1993) identified it as the short-skulled western Indid element, placing it close to Eickstedt's (1937) Indo Brachids. Detailed analysis by Field (1959).

Similar types:

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