Indo Nordic

Group: Indid , Nordid


Type of the Northwestern Himalaya and the Hindu Kush. Connected to Indid, but altered by old unique elements, possibly Proto Nordic that might stem from ancient Aryans. Common in Pathan, Nuristani, occasionally Dards, Brokpa of Ladak, Kashmiri, Pamiri, Tajik, Uyghurs, and especially the last Pagans of the region: the Kalash.

Physical Traits:

Rosy to light brown skin, blonde to black wavy hair. Eyes and hair can be light, which is unique in the region. Medium height, mesoskelic, ectomorph or mildly mesomorph. Dolicho- mesocephalic, orthocranic with a leptorrhine, long, often aquiline and prominent nose. Significant supraorbital ridges with deep-set eyes, strong eye brows, thin lips.


Hooton (1946) described the Indo Nordic typical for Pathan and Kafirs (Nuristani) and included the (North Indid) Sikh as a southern subvariety. Eickstedt (1926b, 1934) and Biasutti (1925, 1967) regard it as the Dardic type. Genetic evidence shows a distinctiveness of Nuristani, especially of Kalash (Rosenberg et al., 2006).

Similar types:

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