Central Pamirid

Group: Turanid


The most typical Pamirid variety, also called Mountain Pamirid. Often considered the most typical Turanid. Most common in highland Tajiks, who not only live in Tajikistan, but also Northern Afghanistan and Eastern Uzbekistan. Shows intermediate features between the Plains Pamirid and East Pamirid. It was originally more widespread, and has been pushed back by the Tungid expansion. Sometimes in Uzbeks, Uyghurs, and other Turkic people.

Physical Traits:

Light brown skin, straight or wavy, brown-black hair. Medium height to rather tall, mesoskelic, ectomorph. Brachycephalic, mildly hypsicranic. Leptorrhine, sometimes convex nose. Head oval, mid face high, chin weakly protruding, lips thin. Eyes sometimes slanting, eyebrows thick, sometimes united, body hair modest to strong.


Defined as the Mountain variety of the Central-Asiatic-Inter-River race by Oshanin (1964), this race was also called Pamiro-Ferghan (Debets, 1974; Alekseev and Gochman, 1983). Originally united with Aralid in Turko-Tatar (Deniker, 1900) or Turanid (Eickstedt, 1934). Schwidetzky (1950) later regarded only Pamirid as the real Turanid like others (Lundman, 1967; Knussmann, 1996).

Similar types:

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Plains Pamirid Mountain Aralid
Indo Iranid Indo Brachid
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