Plains Pamirid

Group: Turanid


The most widespread Pamirid variety, typical for the steppes and lowlands from Uzbekistan to Xinjiang and the Ferghana Valley. Somewhat influenced by Aralid. Formed by contact of Turanids with Tungid-influenced groups and became widely dispersed by nomads. Most common in Uzbeks and Uyghurs, sometimes Tajiks, Kazakh, Afghans, Chinese, Anatolians, and even Hungarians.

Physical Traits:

Light brown skin, often straight, brown or black hair, eyes sometimes mixed. Medium height, brachyskelic, ecto- to endomorph. Brachycephalic, orthocranic. Mildly leptorrhine. Body hair relatively weak. Face not very flat, sometimes with the Mongolian fold.


Defined as the Plains variety of the Central-Asiatic-Inter-River race by Oshanin (1964), this race was also called Pamiro-Ferghan (Debets, 1974; Alekseev and Gochman, 1983). Originally united with Aralid in Turko-Tatar (Deniker, 1900) or Turanid (Eickstedt, 1934). Called Pamirid by (Eickstedt (1937). Schwidetzky (1950) noted stronger Tungid influence as in other Pamirid groups. Part of Biasutti's (1967) Anatolico-Pamirana.

Similar types:

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