Group: Turanid


Western Turanid subtype, named after the Alföld (Great Hungarian Plain). It developed when Huns and Magyars entered the area during the early Middle Ages and caused a blending of several regional types. Most common in Hungary, especially the Alföld plain and Transdanubia. In lower frequencies it extends across the Balkans and to Ukraine, even Northern Greece.

Physical Traits:

Fair to light reddish-brown skin with straight brown or black hair and yellowish-brown eyes. Medium height, macro- mesoskelic, endo- to ectomorph. Brachycephalic, orthocranic with a relatively large head. Large, angular skulls and a leptorrhine nose. Face not very flat, facial lines soft, but determined. Eyes mildly slanting.


The type was mainly described by Hungarian authors (Bartucz, 1935, 1938; Kiszely, 1979; Botos, 1999). Others (Eickstedt, 1952; Lundman, 1943; Biasutti, 1967) explained it by Turanid/Aralid influence. Vondernach (2008) suggests it to be the blend of indigenous Europeans and Mongoloid migrants from Asia.

Similar types:

Pre Slavic Andronovo-Turanid
Gorid Aralid
Plains Pamirid
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