Group: Alpinid


East Alpinid variety, named after the Polish word for mountain (Gora). Metrically intermediate between West Alpinid and East Europid. The nucleus of the type lies in Southern Poland, Gorids are also important in Czechs, Slovaks, Serbs, Albanians, Northern Bulgarians, Hungarians, Romanians, West Ukrainians, and their neighbours.

Physical Traits:

Fair to light brown skin, straight to wavy brown, sometimes blonde hair. Rather short, meso- brachyskelic, endomorph. Brachycephalic, mildly hypsicranic. Round face with soft, sometimes infantile features. Nose leptorrhine, short and often concave. In difference to West Alpinid, higher-skulled with a more Baltid-like morphology.


Gorid was defined by Lundman (1946, 1967) synonymously with East Alpinid. The latter term was reserved for more eastern varieties by others (Eickstedt, 1961). Biasutti (1921, 1967) called it Carpatico. Often included in Alpinid proper (Coon, 1939; Knussmann, 1996). The Albanian Kthela type of Lebzelter (1929) and Škerlj's (1936) light-eyed Pannonids may be regarded subvarieties

Similar types:

West Alpinid Neo Danubian
Pre Slavic Carpathid
Alföld East Alpinid
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