Group: Armenoid, Dinarid, East Europid


European type with Gorid and Dinaro-Armenid elements. Common around the Carpathian Mountains of Central Eastern Europe, e.g. in Huzulis and other Ruthenians, but also right-bank Ukraine. In the high Carpathians outnumbered by Dinarid. Also in Romanians, Poles, Hungarians, Slovenians, Czechs, Croatians, and even Serbs and North Italians (esp. in Romagna).

Physical Traits:

Pale to light brown skin, straight or wavy, often brown hair and dark-mixed eyes. Medium height to rather tall, mesoskelic, endomorph to ectomorph. Brachycephalic, mildly hypsicranic, often with a rather square, broad face. Noses larger than in Gorids and East Europids, leptorrhine and often convex.


Named Carpathid by Lundman (1967), who noted both Dinarid and Armenid admixture. Făcăoaru (1944) described it as Carpathian race, Bunak's (1932, 1976) Lower Dnieper / Dnieper-Carpathian is similar just like the Polish Armenoids of Czekanowski (1967). Biasutti's (1967) Carpatico, a Baltid subtype, tends rather towards Gorid.

Similar types:

Gorid Dinarid
Norid Mtebid
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