Group: Orientalid


Distinctive type of the Iranian Plateau. One of the main elements in Persians, especially in Southwestern Iran. An important element in Kurds, Talysh, Gilakis, Luris. Extends to Afghanistan and India where it can be found in West Tajik, Darts, Nuristani, Azerbaijani, and even Balti. Shows elements of Mediterranids as well as Arabids.

Physical Traits:

Light brown skin, straight or wavy, brown or black hair. Medium height to tall, meso- brachyskelic, ectomorph. (Hyper-) dolichocephalic, mildly hypsicranic. Long, hyperleptorrhine, convex / hooked nose. Full lips, sturdy chin with marked facial features, sometimes almond-shaped eyes. Beard and body hair usually heavy.


Field (1939) and Hooton (1946) call it Iranian Plateau type, Coon (1939) and Cole (1965) Irano Afghan, Bunak's (1960) Caspian is similar, like Oshanin's (1964) Khurasan race. Eickstedt (1952, 1961), Bernhard (1993) and Knussmann (1996) define Iranid as an Orientalid subrace, Biasutti (1967) even its the main variety "Iraniana", Lundman (1967) describes Iranid as an East Mediterranid influenced by Arabid.

Similar types:

Transcaspian Proto Iranid
Armenid Indo Iranid
Arabid North Indid
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