Proto Iranid

Group: Mediterranid , Orientalid


Coarse type of Iran and Asia Minor, that can be considered an eastern Eurafricanid variety. More ancient than the more gracile Iranids and Pontids of the region with several Cromagniform features. Transitional to Berberid in the West (e.g. Southern Turkey). An important element from Eastern Turkey to Northern Iran. Found especially in Kurds and North Persians, sometimes in Lebanese, Caucasus, and Balkans.

Physical Traits:

Fair to light brown skin, straight or wavy, light brown to black hair. Rather tall, mesoskelic, ectomorph to mesomorph. Dolicho- mesocephalic with a straight, mildly leptorrhine nose. The face is wider than in Pontids and Iranids, the nose broader, and the chin more squared. Some individuals show strong Cromagniform features.


Eickstedt (1961) coined the term Proto Iranid based on a work of Keith (1928). Others mentioned Atlanto Mediterranid or Eurafrikanid from the region (Sergi, 1901), where the type can be included. Field (1939) described it as a robust East Mediterranid. Preserves elements of the Protomediterranid described by Vallois (1940).

Similar types:

Pontid Iranid
Eurafricanid Mountain Indid
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