Group: Alpinid


Alpinoid North European type most common in Southwestern Norway. The name derives from the Norwegian word for beach ("Strand"). Probably a reduced Paleo Atlantid. Associated with the ancient Norwegian Fosna culture. Strandids are not very numerous and often mixed, however they can occur in many North European populations from Western Finland to Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, and Iceland.

Physical Traits:

Fair to light brown skin, straight or wavy, usually brown to black hair and mixed eyes. Medium height, mesoskelic, endomorph. Brachycephalic and chamaecranic (in contrast to Lappid) with a leptorrhine, often concave nose. Face relatively broad and low, chin rather weak. Forehead is less bulbous than in Alpinids proper, the head more oval than round, and the stature taller.


Defined as the Strandiner type by Lundman (1946b) after Byrn (1926) had described it as Norwegian Alpinoid and others as Keltoid. Some pointed out differences to Lappid (Eickstedt, 1934), others to Alpinid, placing it closer to Paleo Atlantid (Lundman, 1967).

Similar types:

Scando Lappid Borreby
West Alpinid Paleo Atlantid
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