Scando Lappid

Group: Lappid


Lappid proper - an ancient European type associated with Southern Saami people (formerly "Lapps"). Rare today, often mixed, typical in Northern Sweden and North-Central Norway. More widespread in historic times: around 1700 still common in the proximity of Oslo. Influences are found across Finland, Karelia, Baltic countries, traces possibly even in Carpathians, French (Breton variety), and Basques.

Physical Traits:

Light greyish brown skin, straight, usually dark brown, sometimes blonde or red hair, and brown eyes that are sporadically slanted. Short, macroskelic, endomorph. Hyperbrachycephalic, mildly hypsicranic. Mesorrhine, often concave nose. Face is relatively low and very wide, the cheekbones are broad. Body hair is rather weak. Jaw is delicate and square, small pointed chin. Body hair rather weak.


The type was defined by Lundman (1940, 1943, 1967) as Skando-/South Lappid or Varid ("vare", Saami = mountain). Early studies by Düben (1873) and Mantegazza and Sommier (1880). Eickstedt (1934) regarded it as a Proto Alpinid. Later authors added it as a distinct type to their system (Biasutti, 1967; Knussmann, 1996).

Similar types:

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