Group: East Europid


East Baltid variety, named after the Savolaxia province of Finland, similar to Neo Danubian. Core population in Eastern Finland, Karelia, and Northern Russia, also Lappland. Occasionally found all over Scandinavia and in Eastern Europe south to the Carpathian Mountains. In Norway and Southern Sweden, the type is the result of relatively recent Finnish immigration.

Physical Traits:

Pale to fair skin, straight, dirty blonde or brown hair, often light eyes. Medium height, mildly macroskelic, endomorph. Mildly brachycephalic, mildly hypsicranic. Prominent malars and relatively flat, wide face, short jaw. Mildly leptorrhine, concave, snub-nose. Forehead low, sloping. Sometimes slanted eyes. Compared to Tavastid, shorter, narrower- and smaller-headed, and flatter-faced.


Described by Lundman (1940, 1946, 1977), who regarded it as an East Baltid subvariety, a Tavastid-Fenno Nordid intermediate. Very similar to Bunak's (1976) Onega-Saimen Baltic variety. Similar to Deniker's (1900) Oriental, Coon's (1939) Neo Danubian, (Eickstedt's (1934) East Europid and Biasutti's (1967) Baltico.

Similar types:

Scando Lappid North Lappid
Tavastid Fenno Nordid
Neo Danubian
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