Group: East Europid


East Baltid variety, typical for the eastern shores of the Baltic sea, similar to Neo Danubian and Borreby. Named after the Tavastia province of Finland. Core population in Baltic countries, from Sweden to Finland and from Estonia to Germany and Romania. Occasionally all over Scandinavia, in Russia, and even Britain.

Physical Traits:

Pale skin, straight, usually blonde hair, light eyes. Rather tall, mildly macroskelic, endomorph to mesomorph. Brachycephalic, mildly hypsicranic, rather large-headed, but less than Borreby. (Mildly) leptorrhine, concave snub-nose. Moderately thin lips, weak, rounded chin, face relatively flat and squarish, forehead low. Head and body larger, jaw wider, malars more prominent than in other East Europids.


Virchow (1874) called it Tavast type, Lundman (1940, 1946, 1977) Tavastid, his western East Baltid subvariety. Synonymous with Coon's (1939) and Hooton's (1946) East Baltic, and part of Deniker's (1900) Subnordid. Part of East Europid (Vondernach, 2008) / Baltid (Biasutti, 1967). The Valdai type (Tschepurkowski, 1911; Bunak, 1932; Drexel, 1955) is similar, but slightly more Nordid.

Similar types:

Borreby Savolaxid
Dalofaelid Fenno Nordid
Aisto Nordid Neo Danubian
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