Aisto Nordid

Group: Nordid


East Nordid subvariety, common in coastal regions of Baltic countries. One of the last strongholds of East Nordids that are only a minority type in most of their distribution today. Played a role in the formation of Tavastid and Trønder. Purest in Western Finns and West Estonians, also Latvians, Lithuanians, Russians, Poles, Belarusians, and in Sweden, where it has a Hälsingland subvariety.

Physical Traits:

Pale skin, straight, usually blonde hair with blue or grey eyes. Tall, mesoskelic, rarely brachyskelic, mesomorph. Mesocephalic, mildly hypsicranic with a higher and larger skull than Hallstatt Nordid. The face and head appear a little wider, noses tend to be long, high, prominent, straight, and hyperleptorrhine, forehead high, chin sturdy. Overall marked features.


Named and defined by Lundman (1943, 1946b). The Estonian West Baltic complex of East European authors (Vitov et al, 1959; Aul, 1964; Heapost and Viikmaa, 1999; Heapost, 2000) is very similar. Others (Eickstedt, 1934; Biasutti, 1967) included it in Nordid proper.

Similar types:

Hallstatt Fenno Nordid
Trønder Proto Nordid
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