Group: Nordid


North European type, combines features of Paleo Atlantid, Hallstatt, and East Nordid. One of the main elements in the ancient Vikings. Their nucleus lies in the Norwegian Trøndelag region. It also dominates in other parts of Norway as well as Iceland and Central Sweden. Sometimes in other parts of Scandinavia, Scotland, and Northeastern England. Historic Viking migrations dispersed it across several other regions of Europe (e.g. France, Russia, and Italy).

Physical Traits:

Rosy-white skin, straight or wavy, often golden blonde, sometimes red or brown hair with light eyes. Tall, brachy- mesoskelic, ecto- to mesomorph. Mesocephalic and orthocranic with craggier facial features, and a slightly steeper, more roundish forehead compared to Hallstatt. Face is long, nose (hyper-)leptorrhine. Head size is moderate, auricular height very high. Orthognathic. Body hair moderate to strong. Rather small eyes, thin lips, sturdy chin.


Bryn and Schreiner (1929) identified the type after studying military recruits. Based on that, Coon (1939) and Lundman (1940, 1945, 1967b) defined the Trønder. Also mentioned by Torgersen (1976).

Similar types:

Hallstatt Borreby
Paleo Atlantid Dalofaelid
Anglo-Saxon Aisto Nordid
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