Trans Mediterranid

Group: Mediterranid


Widespread Mediterranid subtype with many morphological features intermediate between Eurafricanid and Gracile Mediterranid. Possibly a gracilised Eurafricanid that spread west through ancient migrations that lasted up to Antiquity (e.g. Phoenicians). Today common in North Africa from Morocco to Egypt with high concentrations in Tunisia and Algeria. Also in Western Arabia and Southern Iberia, sometimes Sicily, Sardinia, Canary Islands, and other parts of Southern Europe.

Physical Traits:

Light, sometimes medium (yellowish) brown skin, straight to curly brown/black hair, often curlier than in European Mediterranids. Medium height, mesoskelic, ectomorph. Dolicho- mesocephalic, mildly hypsicranic with an oval, often long face, big eyes and a straight, (hyper-)leptorrhine, high-bridged nose. Facial features relatively soft, forehead slightly sloping.


Eickstedt (1934) named and defined the type. Corresponds to Lundman's (1967) South Mediterranid / Saharid, who added Targid. Many reported typical, gracile Mediterranids (or East Mediterranids, because they are higher-skulled) from North Africa (Coon, 1939; Peters, 1940; Fischer, 1943; Heberer et al. 1969). Genetically they can be separated from pred. European Mediterranids (Paschou et al. 2014)

Similar types:

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