Group: Mediterranid , Orientalid


Libyid variety, typical for the Nile Valley of Egypt. May result from ancient South/West Asian migrations that mixed with native Berberids. In its purest form found in Egyptian Copts. In lower frequencies in Muslims of Egypt, North Sudanese, and Libyans. Relative frequency has been reduced during the last centuries, as the frequency of other types in Egypt has increased.

Physical Traits:

Light brown skin, wavy or curly black hair. Medium height, mesomorph to ectomorph, mesoskelic. Dolichocephalic, often orthocranic. The eyes are big and the mouth relatively wide. Leptorrhine, sometimes convex nose. Features show some degree of robustness, often intermediate between Orientalid and Berberid.


Lundman (1967) coined the term Aegyptid. Also used by Biasutti (1941, 1967), who named it Coptic and regarded it a subtype of Libica, Eickstedt (1951) as Koptid - an Orientalid with affinities to Mediterranid. Coon (1939) described it as the "early Egyptian type". Anthropometric analysis by Strouhal (1975).

Similar types:

Trans Mediterranid Siwa
African Alpinoid Arabid
Libyid Yemenid
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