Group: Armenoid, Orientalid, Veddid


Orientalid subtype that deviates in an Armenoid direction. Most common in South and Central Yemeni. Also in Oman, UAE, Socotra, and parts of Saudi Arabia. Ancient migrations and tradesmen brought it to Northern and Eastern Africa, e.g. it has a long history of admixture in Sudanese Arabs, Rashaida, Kababish, Banguini, Malagasies, and along the Red Sea. Even in India and Iran.

Physical Traits:

Medium brown skin, wavy, sometimes curly, black hair. Rather short, mesocranic, ectomorph. Brachycephalic, mildly hypsicranic with a flat occiput and a small head. Hyperleptorrhine, often convex or hooked nose. Face narrow with fine features, eyes almond-shaped, lips full. Prognathy absent.


Described and illustrated as Yemenid by Wissmann (1941), based on unpublished material of H. Pch. Lundman (1988) called it South Arabid. He emphasised the combination of Arabid and Armenid like Eickstedt (1934). Coon (1939) called it the fine Yemenic Mediterranean and noted additional Veddoid influence. Haddon (1925) named it Himyaritic type. Detailed descriptions by Huzayyin (1936).

Similar types:

Egyptid Arabid
Middle Nile Arabian Veddoid
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