Middle Nile

Group: Sudanid , Orientalid


The Middle Nile type is a contact type of the Nile Valley located in Northern Sudan. Features are variable, although North African, West Asian, and Sub-Saharan elements have a long history of contact in the region. In difference to the North Ethiopid Nubians of the region, it is characterised by a combination of Sudanid and Orientalid. Most common from Khartoum to Kosti and west to El Obeid, also in Kababish, Sudanese Arabs, and even Baqquara.

Physical Traits:

Medium to dark brown skin, relatively fair for the region - a result of Orientalid admixture. Curly to kinky black hair. Rather tall, brachyskelic, variable body type. Dolicho- mesocephalic, orthocranic. Meso- platyrrhine. Overall features appear soft.


Eickstedt (1934) described it as a local contact type of North Africa: the second-easternmost type of the Saharan contact belt. Keane (1920) as a mixed Semite type, similarly Biasutti (1967) as Libyid-admixed. Detailed analysis by Seligman (1918). The intermediate position was confirmed genetically by Tay and Saha (1988).

Similar types:

Fezzanid Yemenid
East Sudanid North Ethiopid
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