East Sudanid

Group: Sudanid


Isolated Sudanid variety of the Nuba mountains in Kurdufan / Sudan, native to the region at least since the Neolithic. Has resisted historic invasions of neighbouring types over a long time. However, even in isolated villages, Nilotid, Congolid, and Orientalid admixture is common. A minority type in Fur, Kresh, Yulu, Nara, Kunama, and even Southern Egyptians.

Physical Traits:

Dark brown, sometimes black skin, usually kinky hair. Tall, long-legged and mesomorph. Mesocephalic, sometimes dolichocephalic, mildly hypsicranic. (Hyper-)platyrrhine nose. The face is large with relatively narrow eyelids and bulging lips. The frontoparietal region is flattened. Prognathy is moderate, body hair weak.


Biasutti (1967) described the type as a "Northern variety of Sudanid". Eickstedt (1943) noted very defragmented eastern Sudanid elements in the region. Represented by Stuck's (1920) Kurdufan type A. Detailed analyses were also conducted by Seligman (1910b, 1932).

Similar types:

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