Group: Nilotid


Nilotid proper that shows the most pronounced Nilotic features: the tallest, most long-legged and one of the darkest phenotypes in the world. Typically found in the swamp areas of the Upper Nile in South Sudan. Most common in Dinka and Nuer, but also Atuot, Atwot, Agar, Bor, more mixed in Lotuko and Karamojong.

Physical Traits:

Black skin and kinky hair. Very tall, the tallest of all modern phenotypes. Hyperbrachyskelic, extremely ectomorph with thin hips and rather gracile upper bodies. (Hyper-)dolichocephalic, mildly hypsicranic. Wider faces than Shillukid. Mildly platyrrhine, the forehead steep, the lips full and the chin sturdy. In some individuals, pseudo-Mongoloid eyes can appear. Prognathy is weak or absent.


The Dinkaid was named by Lundman (1967) as the main Nil(ot)id variety. Physical traits were already assessed by Girard (1900). More detailed descriptions by Seligman (1932). Eickstedt (1934), Baker (1981) and Knussmann (1996) regarded them as the typical Nilotids, so did Biasutti (1967) who called them Nilotica.

Similar types:

Shari East Sudanid
Shillukid Pre Nilotid
South Nilotid
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