Group: Nilotid


Nilotid variety similar to Dinkaid, but with slightly modified features. Typically found in the savannahs of the Upper Nile of South Sudan. Extends to Western Ethiopia (e.g. Gambela). Most common in Shilluk, but also in Anuak. More mixed in other Nilotic people.

Physical Traits:

Black skin, usually kinky, sometimes tight-curly hair. (Very) tall, hyperbrachyskelic, strongly ectomorph. Usually hyperdolichocephalic, hypsicranic. The face is narrower and the skull even longer. (Mildly) platyrrhine nose, forehead steep and very high. The lips are relatively full. Mongoloid eyes occur especially in women. Prognathy very weak.


The Shillukid was named by Lundman (1967) as Nil(ot)id variety. Eickstedt (1934) considered them the result of a slight Ethiopid admix, just like Biasutti (1941, 1967), who distinguished them from Dinka and Nuer as the Upper Nile variety. Detailed descriptions were made by Seligman (1932), who described a Shilluk-Anuak group.

Similar types:

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