Pre Nilotid

Group: Nilotid


Ancient type with Proto Nilotid traits, today still found in the border region of Sudan and Ethiopia. Common in Kwama, Uduk, Gumuz, Mao, and related people. More mixed in Berta and other Nilotics. A link to early Ethiopids is possible. Many of these tribes have suffered war and displacement and are now dispersed all over the world.

Physical Traits:

Black skin and kinky, sometimes tight-curly hair. Medium height, brachyskelic, but with a longer torso than Nilotids proper, ectomorph to mesomorph. Mesocephalic with a very wide, flat face, and a great interorbital distance. Mildly platyrrhine nose. The nasal root is depressed and wide, the forehead steep, the chin marked. Prognathy is moderate.


The type was named and described by Grottanelli (1940) and Biasutti (1967). The metrics and photographs were well documented by Cipriani (1942). Genetically they seem to stand closer to Ethiopids than most Nilotids (Pagani, 2012).

Similar types:

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