South Nilotid

Group: Nilotid


Type common to the southern branch of Nilotic people of Lake Albert south to Lake Victoria, in South Sudan, Uganda, and Western Kenya. In some features, less typical than Dinkaids and Shillukids, stature and head shorter, possibly due to a higher degree of (Congolesid) admixture, or alternatively showing a less specialised Nilotid form. Common in Acholi, Alur, Kawka, Bari, Kresh, Luo, Lotuko, sometimes even in the Northern DR Congo tribe Mangbetu.

Physical Traits:

Black skin and kinky hair. (Rather) tall, (hyper)brachyskelic with a mostly endomorph body. Dolicho- mesocephalic, mildly hypsicranic. Often with thinner noses than Dinkaids, usually mesorrhine or mildly platyrrhine. The lips are full, mild prognathy common. In some individuals, pseudo-Mongoloid eyes can appear, especially in Bari.


The type was regarded as a residual Nilotid variety of the South by Biasutti (1967), who noted Equatorial Sudanid admixture. Eickstedt (1934), who described it as an important contact group, mentions Paleo Negrid admixture.

Similar types:

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