Nilo Hamitic

Group: Ethiopid, Nilotid


Intermediate type between Nilotid and Ethiopid that is associated with the Nilo Hamites or Half Hamites. Similar to Maasai. Should not be confused with the outdated language family of the same name. The type is dominant West of Lake Rudolf and North-East of Lake Victoria, mainly in South Sudan, Uganda, and Kenya. Typified by the Pokot, Nandi, Samburu, and Turkana. More mixed in Karamojong, Bari, and Maasai.

Physical Traits:

Dark brown to black skin, usually kinky, sometimes tight-curly hair. Rather tall, hyperbrachyskelic, ectomorph. Dolicho- mesocephalic, orthocranic. Narrow face. The nose is mildly platyrrhine, often high rooted and straight or convex. The lips are rather full, body hair is scant. Slanting eyes may appear. Prognathy is generally absent.


First described by Johnson (1902). Biasutti (1967) placed them in their own mixed group, Cole (1965) regarded them a separate race. Eickstedt (1934) mentions them as a Nilotid-Ethiopid contact group.

Similar types:

Shillukid Omotic
South Nilotid Maasai
South Ethiopid North Bantuid
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