Widespread African type, typical for regions with hot and dry climate. Ethiopids are characterised by very dark skin with a reddish tint, tight-curly hair, narrow, high nose, a tall, slender stature, and long heads and faces. Marked chin, thick lips. Different groups of Africa have been regarded Ethiopid, their common morphology sometimes results from adaption to a similar climate. Besides affinities to other Sub-Saharan Africans, they are linked to early Caucasoids who partially left and migrated back to Africa. The most typical variety is the East Ethiopid. North Ethiopids are shorter and more robust, South Ethiopids even taller and very slender. The latter contains a Maasai subvariety. Central Ethiopids live in Ethiopian highlands. Saharan Ethiopids possibly dominated North Africa prior to its desertification. Ancient varieties include Proto Ethiopids and Omotics.


─thiopid (Eickstedt, 1952; Lundman, 1967; Vogel, 1974; Knussmann, 1996), Ethiopian (Debets, 1974; Alexeev, 1979), ╔thiopienne (Vallois, 1968), Etiopidi (Biasutti, 1967), Paranegrid (Baumann, 1975), East African (Cheboksarov, 1951), Hamite (Haddon, 1925; Coon et al., 1950), Homo africanus (Sergi, 1908). Ethiopienne (Deniker, 1889).

Similar types:

Nilotid Orientalid
Bantuid Indo Melanid
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