North Ethiopid

Group: Ethiopid


Ethiopid subtype that is often regarded as a northern branch of East Ethiopid. Common along the Red Sea coast and the Nile Valley from Egypt to Eritrea and deep into the Ethiopian Highlands. Shows some morphological affinities with Mediterraneans, and played an important role in ancient Egypt. Often blends with Arabids and Yemenids that arrived in (pre-)historic times. Common in the Beja, Beni Amer, Nubians, Hadendoa. More mixed in Amhara, Kababish, Egyptians (esp. Charga and other oases). Sometimes in Arabia as well.

Physical Traits:

Dark, sometimes medium (bronze) brown skin, tight-curly hair. Medium height to rather tall, brachyskelic, ectomorph. Dolicho- mesocephalic, orthocranic, rather small-headed. Gracile, marked facial features. The nose is mildly leptorrhine, high bridged and straight or convex. Lips are full, the chin strong, prognathism is absent.


The term "North Ethiopid" was defined by Eickstedt (1934) and refined during his later publications (Eickstedt, 1943, 1949, 1951). Also used by Baumann (1952). Biasutti (1967) regarded them slightly altered forms of Ethiopid proper. Other authors interpreted it as a contact type (Lundman, 1967 of Saharid and Sudanid; Baker, 1981).

Similar types:

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