Group: Nilotid, Sudanid


Special type named after the Chari river of Chad. Intermediate between Sudanid and Nilotid, but with several unique features that have long been stabilised. Most common in Southern Chad and Northern Cameroon. Typified by the Sara. Also in Bua, Mbum, Ouldeme, Madara, Massa, Mousgoum, Banda, and even Azande.

Physical Traits:

(Bluish/greyish) black skin, usually kinky hair. (Very) tall, (hyper-)brachyskelic and ectomorph. Mesocephalic or even mildly brachycephalic, different from any other neighbouring desert and savannah type, hypsicranic. Platyrrhine nose. The face is large, lips and prognathy do not appear as pronounced as in Sudanids.


Montandon (1928) included it in Nilocharienne (=Nilotid). Alcobé y Noguer (1952) and Eickstedt (1934) called it West Nilotid, Hooton (1946) the Shari type, a Nilotic variety. Biasutti (1967) had it as the Sudanid subrace Sciari, Lundman (1943) as Sharid. Tishkoff (2009) showed them have some relationship to Nilotics.

Similar types:

Senegalid East Sudanid
Sudanid Shillukid
Equatorial Sudanid Dinkaid
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