Sudanid (proper)

Group: Sudanid


Sudanid proper. Widespread savannah type named after the Sudan region of West Africa. Found in its purest form among Mossi, Lobi, Dagaaba, Senufo, Northern Malinke, Gurunsi, Songhai, and Bambara. More mixed across many regions of Western Africa, e.g. Southern Haussa, Ashanti, North Igbo, Yoruba, Moors, and many more.

Physical Traits:

Dark brown, sometimes ebony black skin, usually kinky hair. (Rather) tall, (hyper)brachyskelic and mesomorph. Mostly dolichocephalic or mildly mesocephalic, mildly hypsicranic. (Hyper-)platyrrhine. The face is large with big eyes and massive, bulging lips. Occiput and prognathy are usually pronounced. Body hair extremely weak.


Sergi (1908) first described the type as Homo sudanensis. Many authors then called the type Sudanid (Eickstedt, 1934, 1952b; Fleischhacker, 1975; Baker, 1981; Knussmann, 1996) or Sudanian (Alexeev, 1979). The typical variety of Pales' (1953) and Vallois' (1971) Soudanaise and Biasutti's (1967) Sudanese.

Similar types:

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