Equatorial Sudanid

Group: Congolid, Sudanid


Central African variety with Sudanid and Congolid elements, living in the Savanna regions of East Cameroon, Central African Republic, South Sudan, and even Gabon and Uganda. May be found in Azande, Baya, Mundu, Banda, Nzkara, Logo, Keliko, Kresh, Bongo, Avukaya, Madi, but also Fang. Sometimes in Bamum, Ewondo, and many other related people.

Physical Traits:

Dark brown, sometimes black skin, kinky hair. Rather tall, brachyskelic, often mesomorph. In difference to Sudanids proper, mesocephalic with a narrower, mildly platyrrhine and often depressed nose. The face is comparably narrow as well, but robust with big eyes and pronounced prognathy.


Defined as the Sudanid variant "Equatoriale" by Biasutti (1967). In contrast, Baker (1981) even regarded it as Palaenegrid 3. Usually both Sudanid and Paleo Negrid types are found in the region (c.p. Eickstedt, 1934)). Detailed investigation by Czekanowski (1924) . Lalouel's (1957) Fang type can be included.

Similar types:

Shari East Sudanid
Bobo Sudano Guinesid
West Congolesid Mundu Mangbeto
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