West Congolesid

Group: Congolid


African forest type, intermediate between Congolesid, Guinesid, and Sudanid, but with a variety of unique features. Common in Southern Cameroon, Congo, Western Central African Republic, and Gabon. Typified by Makaa-Njem speakers, also in Bamileke, Bassa, Ewondo, Batanga, and Eton. Sometimes Bamum and others.

Physical Traits:

Dark brown, sometimes black skin, kinky hair. Medium height to rather tall, brachyskelic and an endomorph to mesomorph body. Mesocephalic, mildly hypsicranic. (Hyper-)platyrrhine, occasionally funnel-shaped, relatively high-bridged nose. Face and mouth wide with full lips. Body hair relatively common. Occiput flat. Prognathy mild.


Defined as a the "West forest type" by Vallois (1950), who examined the Dwe'e and found significant differences to Congolesids and Guinesids. This type was adopted by Chabeuf (1958), among others and is identical with the Camerroon cluster of Schwidetzky (1969). Baker (1981) included it in "Palšnegrid 1".

Similar types:

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Guinesid Congolesid
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