North Atlantid

Group: Mediterranid , Nordid


Western European type that combines features of Nordid and Mediterranid in a unique way. Resembles British Iron Age Celts. The principal element in Ireland and parts of Britain, especially Western Scotland and Wales. Common in Northwestern France, sometimes Belgium, Switzerland, Liguria, Western Germany, and Norway. Sporadically from Portugal and Galicia to Austria and Sweden. Not to be confused with British Eurafricanids altered by Nordid admixture.

Physical Traits:

Pale, sometimes ruddy or freckled skin. Brown, sometimes black or reddish hair with light, often blue eyes. Rather tall, mesoskelic, sometimes brachyskelic, ectomorph, slightly mesomorph with relatively long arms. Mesocephalic, chamae- orthocranic. Prominent, hyperleptorrhine, long-tipped nose that may be convex or concave. Forehead is narrow and sloping, mandible small, malars compressed.


Deniker (1900) first described it as North Western. Lundman (1952, 1967) coined the term North Atlantid, Bunak (1931) North Atlantic. Hooton (1946, 1955) and Cole (1965) call it Keltic. Scheidt (1931) and Eickstedt (1935) define it as the Atlantid variety of Mediterranid, Vondernach (2008) even as Atlanto Mediterranid. Biasutti (1967), who called it Irish, placed it in Nordic (like Lundman).

Similar types:

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