Group: Armenoid


Armenid subtype of Anatolia with Dinaroid features. The core population lives in West Anatolia. Probably the result of Armenid influx into a Mediterranid population. Anatolids are the dominant element in Turkey today, but may also be found among Alawites, Lebanese, Greeks, in the Balkans, Crimea, among Caucasians, and sometimes even Iran.

Physical Traits:

Light brown skin, wavy, dark brown hair. Medium height, mesoskelic, ectomorph to endomorph. Brachycephalic and hypsicranic. Facial features and body proportions are finer than in Dinarids and Armenids. The (hyper)leptorrhine nose is not fleshy, but hooked, the occiput is mildly flattened. Eyebrows and body hair usually heavy.


Originally integrated in Armenid (Luschan, 1889, Eickstedt, 1934). During his travelings in Anatolia, Eickstedt (1961) split the type off from Armenid in accordance with Biasutti (1941, 1967). The type was kept by later authors (Bernhard, 1993, Knussmann, 1996). An eastern variety of Coon's (1939) Dinaricised Mediterranean.

Similar types:

Litorid Mtebid
Armenid Andronovo-Turanid
Assyroid East Pamirid
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