Very ancient South Asian type that probably arrived with an early Out-of-Africa migration via oceanic routes. Negritids are very short, males often below 150 cm, and have dark brown to black skin, kinky hair, and relatively short skulls. In difference to African Pygmies, Negritids show adultiform proportions, e.g. no abnormally short legs. Facial features are usually more gracile, noses not very wide. Was pushed back by later migrations of Veddids and Mongoloids, and survives only in small numbers scattered across several remote locations. Until 1857, the Andamanids (North Andamanid, South Andamanid) lived extremely isolated. After contact, populations rapidly collapsed due to disease. In the Philippines, an Aetid variety exists, in the Malayan peninsula a Semangid variety, both still survive in the rainforests. Deforestation, loss of culture, and disease could soon wipe out these unique people.


Negritid (Eickstedt, 1937, 1952; Lundman, 1967, Knussmann, 1996), Negrito (Coon et al., 1950; Debets, 1974; Vogel, 1974; Lundman, 1988), Négrito (Vallois, 1968) Andamanese (Cheboksarov, 1951) Negritider (Lundman, 1943), Homo s. negrito (Kleinschmidt, 1922).

Similar types:

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