Group: Negritid


Paleolithic, Negriform phenotype found in the forests of the Malay Peninsula, similar to Aetid. Even older and rarer than the cohabitant Senoids with ~1000 unmixed individuals remaining in relict populations. Typified by the Semang, especially Kensiu/Mani, Kenta, Menri, and Sabubn tribes, but also Bateq, Jahai, who often show a more Australoid type. More mixed in Porr. Loss of culture and forest destruction may wipe out this unique type soon.

Physical Traits:

Dark (copper) brown skin and kinky hair. (Very) short, mesoskelic, mesomorph to ectomorph. Mildly brachycephalic, hypsicranic, small-headed. Mesorrhine or mildly platyrrhine nose, infantile. The face is low and broad, the chin weak, lips thick, cheekbones prominent, and the forehead convex. Prognathism is usually absent.


Detailed investigation by Skeat and Blagden (1906) and Schebesta (1927), who called it Kensieu type and separated it from Jahai. This was adopted by Biasutti (1967) who united it with Aetids. Eickstedt (1934) and Knussmann (1996) called them Semangid, Lundman (1967) Negritid, Alexeev (1979) Negrito Continental.

Similar types:

North Andamanid Aetid
South Andamanid Senoid
Jahai Semangid
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